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1982 zinc small date ddr?

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I checked up on this coin and it seems to be pretty rare. There has never been one sold at auction, so in your opinion is it worth sending it to have it slabbed? As for the pics, ill take some more. The coin looks like that, zinc makes every penny pixalated like that.


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There are hundreds of minor double dies listed on Variety Vista but very few of them are rare or valuable, most are obscure with little or no collector interest which is why you did not find any auction records for this one.  Little interest and no demand = not worth very much.  Many times the only reason there is any demand for minor double die coins is that a slot is inserted into the registry for that variety, this creates a demand and thus a need for slabbed examples.  I am not aware of a slot for this variety in the registry here or at PCGS.  Its your choice but I would put the coin in a 2X2 or cointane label it and hold it, I very much doubt that you would ever recoup (much less make a profit) your costs of slabbing this coin.  If you do decide to I would suggest you contact customer service first to make sure that they recognize this variety, most likely ANACS would be the better choice for slabbing a coin like this.  They are less expensive and are more likely to slab and attribute this kind of variety.

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