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1974d DDR-001 Kennedy half

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I found this going through a bag of Kennedy's. It has a lot of pictures on variety Vista but I cannot find any info about auction history at all.the only thing listed is a lot of 74d DDO. THE VISTA HAS A LOT OF INFO BUT WHY NO AUCTION INFO? IVE NEVER RAN ACCROSS A NO HISTORY BEFORE


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Just now, Cjay stafford said:

Now I'm really confused because when I looked this up in variety Vista it shows what's on my coin in every picture and it's listed ddr-001. So am I not supposed to match up pictures

A couple of important points:

The doubling on your coin is to the right. The doubling resembling yours in the pictures on Variety Vista is to the left on the genuine DDR-001. But - here is the important part- both pictures show strike doubling. Look at the footnote at the bottom of the  Variety Vista page. It says that for Stage A, the early die state, the reverse has strong MDD (machine damage doubling, another name for strike doubling). Notice that it says that Stage B has none, and the pictures bear this out. This MDD is what you are seeing. The actual hub doubling only shows up as extra thickness on DOLLAR, AMERICA, and some of the stars. 

Confusing? Yes, but studying  lots of examples of all kinds of doubling will help improve your ability to distinguish the "good" from the "bad."

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