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World Silver, August 30 World Coin Auction

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Good morning!
Just finished putting together a cool auction with over 500 lots of NEW stuff - 250 lots of older/better world silver (most starting around melt), 250 lots of 1800's world non-silver (almost all starting at minimum opening bid of $1), some coin supplies/tubes, vintage canvas bank bags, OGP (no coins) mixed lots including 2 1955 Proof Set boxes/tissue - just a ton of cool stuff.  
This is yet another attempt to start thinning down my collection (there will be FOUR 500-lot auctions in September - every Sunday) so hopefully there will be a little something for a bunch of people - and I get my collection down to a manageable amount.
World Silver For Sale "Thin Down The Hoard Round 1"
(31.5626 oz total) 
This is Round 1 in my attempt to thin down my world silver hoard. Most were pulled directly from proof/mint sets and put into archival safe flips (some will still have a little haze from the OGP.) Only maybe one of the Austrian coins has seen any wear at all (the 100 Schilling with the cool art deco design.) Due to the quality/finish of this lot, I will put each individual coin into its own sealed bag during shipment to prevent scuffing. I know it's extra work for me, but I care that the coins are protected. For the sake of the coins, actually.
Silver: $27.57/oz (edited August 30)
Price: 1.1x melt (any coins you want; price subject to change due to changing spot value)
Shipping: Depends on weight/size of coins. ALL coins will fit in a Priority Mail Flat Rate Small Box, so the max charge for shipping will be $8. Tracking number will be provided upon receipt of payment. I will normally ship the same day payment is received and I'll make sure the label is scanned into the USPS system when I drop it off.
Payment: PayPal (please add 3% for Goods and Services payments.) If choosing to use PP Friends and Family, please make sure to avoid using any notes and PM me your shipping address here, as it won't automatically load with the payment.
Austria (3.4628 oz total) ALL SOLD, THANK YOU
    *1967 25 Schilling (.800 Silver; .3344 oz ASW)
    *1967 50 Schilling (.900 Silver; .5787 oz ASW)
    *1964 Silver Proof 50 Schilling (.900 Silver; .5787 oz ASW)
    *1974 100 Schilling (.640 Silver; .4924 oz ASW)
    *1975 Silver Proof 100 Schilling (.640 Silver; .4924 oz ASW)
    *1975 100 Schilling (.640 Silver; .4938 oz ASW)
    *1976 100 Schilling (.640 Silver; .4924 oz ASW)
Bahamas (17.5008 oz total)
    *Silver Proof 50 Cents (.800 Silver; .2667 oz ASW each)
        *1970 (23,000)
        *1971 (31,000) (1 available) (1 sold)
        *1972 (35,000) (1 available) (1 sold)
        *1973 (36,000)
        *1974 (94,000) (2 available) (1 sold)
        *1976 (23,000)
    *Silver Proof 1 Dollar (.800 Silver; .4666 oz ASW each)
        *1970 (27,000)
        *1971 (31,000) (2 available)
        *1972 (35,000) (2 available)
        *1973 (35,000)
        *1974 (94,000) (2 available)
        *1976 (23,000)
    *Sterling Silver Proof 2 Dollars (.925 Silver; .8862 oz ASW each)
        *1971 (60,000) (1 available) (1 sold)
        *1972 (59,000) (2 available) (2 sold)
        *1973 (50,000) (1 available) (1 sold)
        *1974 (129,000) (1 available) (2 sold)
        *1976 (35,000)
Barbados (2.3997 oz total)
    *Silver Proof 5 Dollars (.800 Silver; .7999 oz ASW each)
        *1973 (97,000) (3 available)
British Virgin Islands (4.5858 oz total)
    *Sterling Silver Proof 1 Dollar (.925 Silver; .7643 oz ASW each)
        *1973 (181,000) (3 available)
        *1974 (94,000) (2 available)
        *1975 (32,000)
Canada (3.6135 oz total)
    *Sterling Silver 5 Dollars (Montreal Olympics) (.925 Silver; .7227 oz ASW each)
        *1973 (sailing)
        *1974 (gymnast)
        *1974 (torch)
        *1976 (fencing)
        *1976 (pyramid)

World Silver Mixed Lot.jpg

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Good morning!  

Just a quick and friendly reminder that my August 30 World Coin Auction will be starting in a couple hours (10 am CST) - lots of cool stuff here (including the coin supplies and canvas bags I added since posting, we're up to 533 lots now.)  I'll be keeping an eye on the auction, approving new bidders, answering questions (feel free to PM me here as well if you're more comfortable with that.)

Thank you, and best of luck!


(ALSO, FWIW, all the silver marked as available up above is still available at the posted asking price.  Good chance to pick up some nicer world silver if you want it!)

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