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Last call for 9 $10 slabs for $50 to YN or coin club

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In an attempt to clean up my mistakes, misfits, upgrades, and where did this come from I am listing coins that need to find new homes.  Shipping will be $3 for one coin, $4 for two coins, and a flat $5 for any order of three or more coins Checks, cash, money orders, or PayPal as last resort :)  Interested in several make me an offer I am always open to fair offers. Pictures upon request   All 9 of the $10 coins for $50 if you belong to a coin club or are a YN.

$10 slabs  yep, less than grading fees!!!!

PCGS  1992 P ms69 Olympics .50

PCGS  1999s p69dcam  JFK  .50  I have three of these?????

PCGS  1999p p69dcam   SBA  $1

PCGS 2005s  p69dcam   SAC   $1

PCGS  1948s  ms65    Jeff     nickel

NGC   1916  unc details Mercury   dime

NGC  1960 D  ms65  large date Lincoln   .01

$20 slabs 

NGC  2004s  p69dcam   silver JFK  .50

PCGS  1959  ms65 5fs   Jefferson

NGC  1966 p66   JFK half

NGC  1963  ms64W  Franklin half      the older W designation

$30 slabs

AnACs 1925  AU55  Peace   yellow label

NGC  1946  ms65  BTW  old soap dish  darkly toned

NGC   1944   ms67  Mercury Dime

$40 slabs

PCGS  1948  ms63FB  Franklin half

PCGS   1947  ms66 Washington quarter

PCGS   1948  ms66 Washington quarter   tab toned

$50  slab

NGC  1948 s ms66  Washington quarter

Odds and Ends

PCGS   1939d ms65  Walking liberty half  OGH  $140

NGC  1947d  ms65  Walking liberty half  $85

NGC  1935  ms65  Boone Commem half   $145  





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Update.  If anyone is involved with a coin club I would be willing to sell the 9 $10 slabs for $50 delivered. They would make nice door prizes or raffles prizes or...............

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