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Two Coin Auctions - 1,000 items - one today (10 am CST) and one August 30

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Good morning!
It's raining here in Philadelphia (I thought it was supposed to always be sunny?) so it's a GREAT day to stay inside and bid on coins. Whose coins? MY coins. Which could then be YOUR coins. 
I have two auctions to advertise this morning - one that begins today at 10 am CST (500 items) and one that takes place on August 30 (another 500 items.)
Today's auction (August 16) has a TON of interesting, random stuff - US and World Coins, UNC early date Franklin Halves, silver, die varieties and mint errors, bulk lots, low mintage world proofs, 1800's copper, graded coins at various price points (ranging from the cost of a delivery pizza to a decent used car.) I have LOTS of items starting at only $1 - so if you were one of those people who says, "I'm trying to put together a set of X but they are usually not worth someone's time to list online" - well, plenty of stuff in this auction for you.
The August 30 auction will be the beginning of my attempt to thin out my hoard - 500 lots for Round 1 - half of it is older/better world silver (250 lots, most of which starting at around melt value) and 250 lots of 1800's world copper/Cu-Ni (almost all starting at $1.) Tons of cool stuff from various countries, better dates, coins as small as a dime and larger than a silver dollar. I had two bins - one with 16 pounds of world silver and another with about 1500 1800's non-silver coins, and this auction is the first batch out of those bins! 
I'll be keeping an eye on the auctions today, approving bidders, trying to answer questions as best I can. There are 500 items at 1 minute per item...that's a LONG day.
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