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1969 D Lincoln Cent Error SRUST.
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This is my first time here. I am also new to coin collecting. I came across this coin and was wondering if anyone has ever seen this error before. I google searched to only find not one like it so far, therefore i hope to find help here. Thank you for your time.


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If you were to ask me my opinion, here is what I would say...

First impression:  appears to have been heavily circulated long after leaving the Denver mint.

The "S" you refer to is little more than a disfigured, mutilated "T," a vestige of which remains (witness the left-most portion of the top cross-bar in "T.") 

In plain English, an EF-3 strength tornado touched down atop the T causing widespread damage then proceeded due West leaving a distinctive ruinous path in its wake, dissipating atop the middle prong of the E.

A separate lesser twister, spawned as an offshoot to the  major outbreak, caused  the collateral damage to the final 9 in 1969.😉

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On 8/15/2020 at 7:26 PM, Brian319 said:

I agree the coin does have damage but what about the S or 5 in place of the T in TRUST is my question? That wouldn't be damage after mint.


Yes it is damage after mint.

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