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GSA Holder repaired w/CrazyGlue. Spotty/Cloudy Coin

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I was looking for your opinion regarding NCS conservation services. Here’s the story:

I bought a coin recently on eBay. I still have the ability to return it for refund. I may still do that depending on your reply.

It is an 1884-cc GSA Morgan. The coin was dropped in 1998. The owner used CrazyGlue to try and repair the crack in the GSA holder. Essentially the holder is ruined and if I keep it, I would crack it out of the GSA case. The coin has developed a cloudy/spotty appearance. I’ll try and attach a picture or two (not sure I can do that, but I'll try).

My question is whether or not you folks think that these CrazyGlue contaminants could be removed through your conservation techniques. I think the coin may only grade MS63 if restored so I don’t want to spend too much on it. What do you think? Do you have any CrazyGlue restoration experience? Is this a good candidate for your restoration services or not? Thanks for the help.


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This coin provides evidence of why commercial adhesives, such as crazy glue, should not be used near coins. At the very least off-gasing of chemicals in the glue can affect the surface of a coin in negative ways in long-term storage.


We likely can help this coin through professional conservation. Your coin would be an excellent candidate for conservation. It is difficult to say for certain without actually seeing the coin as images don't provide some of the subtleties of the surfaces which we would need to say for certain how much we could help with conservation. We have had success in removing the effects of non-specific glues in the past. We would not, however, be able to save the GSA holder, which you realize.


I would not be able to comment on its potential grade with NGC after the conservation.


Chris, NCS

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