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1944 Mercury DDO???
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I first have to apologize if any of my typing on this post is missapelledĀ .... I just got done lookingĀ at about Ā 200+ Mercury dimes and dang..... those dates areĀ small šŸ˜. Found a 1942 S inverted (pretty cool) and another oddity that I will also post for discussion, possibly a CUD. However, I decidedĀ to throw this one up on the forum to get some much appreciated feedback. Only looked at NGC and PCGS data and couldnā€™t find any mention of aĀ 44ā€™ DDO. I did see that someone posted on this forum somewhere about a possible 44ā€™ double but it was MD. So... I have looked at myĀ dime until I canā€™t see anymoreĀ and have taken theĀ best pics possible right now. The potential doubling is not shelved at all and is rounded above the 4ā€™s in the date. Not much else going on on the rest of the coin.Hopefully these pics will show enough detail to make a decision. Thanks!





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1 hour ago, Big Nub numismatics said:

I'm not sure. it doesn't look like any 1944 DDOs I'm aware of, and nothing matches this on Variety Vista. It looks more like a RPD, but those could not have been done past early 1900's. It's so worn it's hard to tell though.

I know right..... I will try to get some better lighting and take some better photos. Iā€™m not that familiar with RPDā€™s.Ā 

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1 hour ago, James_OldeTowne said:

This is the result of worn dies, and not considered a "die error", so to speak.Ā  It's basically "strike doubling".

Thank you very much for your reply. I am still learning here and I have a question:

Granted, this dime is 76 years old (if my math is correct) and it shows someĀ wear. Ā The numbers in the date, ā€œ44ā€, areĀ the only devicesĀ on this coin that haveĀ any discernible oddity. My understanding of strikeĀ doubling, as opposed to true die or hubĀ doubling,Ā is that it createsĀ flat shelved imagesĀ such as shown by mechanical doublingĀ and die deterioration doubling. I am trying to comprehendĀ why the ā€œdoubled imagesā€ above the date on this coin are rounded and not flat. Ā Thank you!

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