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I have a nice size collection.  I have quite a few foreign coins and I found one that from what I could tell is a China Jai Quing Tong Bao 1796 to 1820.  May be a "palace coin'. But I don't know how to actually tell. I cant read Chinese.. and it seems to be a different denomination than the coin I found online



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Without the diameter and reverse there are limitations on how much anyone can help you.

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I understand; that's why I explained what to do. While diameter should be given in mm, since everyone knows an inch is 25.4mm, in this case it's all right.

Looks like Chien-Lung, 1 cash, Beijing, Hu-Pu Board of Revenue, 1736-1795 CE.

Under normal circumstances you'd also be told to kindly align the coins correctly (you would be amazed how many people don't bother), but in this case I understand having no idea which way is up, so I'll help you to understand. Your obverse image would be rotated about 90 degrees clockwise. Your reverse image would be rotated about 180 degrees.

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