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1978 penny Error or off rim

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It starts around Lincoln's right side of face and goes down and around to maybe 2/3 past the bottom of his jacket. I just think it's cool and wanted to share, but if any info give is great too.  :)

20-07-21 19:07:59.png

20-07-21 19:06:40.png

20-07-21 19:06:46.png

20-07-21 19:06:50.png

20-07-21 19:06:57.png

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Looks like a slight misalignment of the obverse die. Not enough to make it worth more than a cent, but pretty cool to look at.

Welcome to the forum :)


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Thank you for the welcome. Glad you like my coin. I got into collecting with my dad and now I have my kids into it. They love going thru everyone's loose change looking for odd coins and old dates. I got this one today and decided to use it for my very first post.

Thanks again. :)

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Welcome to the Forum

Hope you and your son enjoy the field of coin collecting. It is nice to get the younger generation involved as they are the future of  Numismatics. It can be very educational as well as fun learning about different issues. As JustBob mentioned, what you have is known as a MAD ( misaligned die). Please get in the habit of posting pictures of both sides of the coin when posting. This sometimes can help in determining any issues.

Also excellent photography in being able to see the details on the coin which is very important.

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