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1955-D D/S, or RPM?
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Totally new to nickels here.... Pretty ironic in that I picked up a $2 hand rolled roll of nickels at my corner store yesterday after buying a few items with cash and got back some pocket change. I figured I’d start looking and learning about nickel values and varieties this morning before I even opened up this roll of Jefferson’s I got yesterday. One of the first nickels I read about this morning was the 1955 D/S. So, I picked up a nickel from my pocket change from yesterday just to start learning the nomenclature of this respective coin. I was a little bit in disbelief when I looked at the mint mark on this coin. Am I seeing what I think I see? Or is this some type of RPM? I looked on variety vistas and saw numerous varieties of this mint mark. Couldn’t quite narrow it down other than maybe -002?Thanks!





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It might be a late die state OMM-006 but the condition of the coin is going to make it tough to match or be recognized.  Its also just as likely that its PMD, in any case its not the money coin which is the OMM-001

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40 minutes ago, Coinbuf said:

the condition of the coin is going to make it tough to match or be recognized.

Agreed 👍. I just thought it was a really neat find for pretty much one of the first nickels I happened to pick up and examine. I know it’s not in very good condition and I am fairly certain it is definitely not PMD. It’s just cool to have found a mm error like this right off the bat. Thanks. 

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