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1776 Continental

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1 hour ago, Jaxman said:

JKK, what about it makes you think it is fake? 


Because a new member posted it here.

I'm only half joking. Please understand that we get a couple of these a week and we've never had a real one. And I don't think it's fake/replica. I see that it is fake or a replica. As for how I see that, the trouble there is that fakers follow the boards for feedback on fakes and diagnosis, and it is not in the hobby's best interests to provide them with assistance; thus we do not answer that question in any direct manner.

Some of our members answer these two formulaic questions ('is it real,' 'if not how do you know') less bluntly than I do, but not with different substance. They're just more patient and better able to forget the last hundred times they've given the same answers. It's a weakness of mine, maybe. Anyway, I recognize how this sucks for the innocent new member who asks a totally legitimate question, but that's the honest answer.

If you still think it might be real, feel free to send it in for authentication and grading. If you have a spare $30-60 to spend, you can get NGC to tell you that they also see that it is fake or a replica, and then there won't be any further doubt. The money won't be wasted if that's what it takes for you to be dead certain.

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1 hour ago, JKK said:

I'm only half joking.

I see the title and think "fake" before I even click on it.

Jaxman, welcome. Pull up images of a real one (on a real computer with a monitor, not a phone) and put your image next to it. Compare them. Not just "hey, it looks the same", but carefully look at every detail. There's a bazillion of these souvenirs and outright fakes out there. I have one on a tie clip from my grandfather.

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Welcome to the chatbox.

Just for the halibut, I did a search on "1776 Continental" and came up with over a 100 different postings of people asking the same question and not one of them was genuine. There must be thousands of counterfeits and copies out there as this has to be one of the most asked questions on the forum. I'm not saying it was wrong to ask but just to point out what the odds of having a genuine coin are.

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RE: "Could someone please tell me if this is real or fake?"

Yes. Nearly everyone here could do that.

Disappointing for a first post, but go buy a Guide Book of U.S. Coins and start learning.

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