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Can someone offer their opinion on Grades for these 4 Quarters, please?
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Hi guys. I have never once asked for grading opinions from you, so I hope you will offer your opinions for me today. I've been weeding out my 'collection' and have some that if they would grade high enough then would be worth my sending them in. I'm not looking for MS-68 or 70's, just honest opinions. Thanks a bunch- Karen




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I will preface my remarks by saying that I don't collect moderns so I haven't seen enough examples of these to have a strong idea of what the mint quality was or the pops for each of these.  So with that in mind, in order:

1) 2009 Northern Mariana Islands - very clean and hit free but the photos don't show any discernable luster.  If the luster is strong I would consider this one as a possible submission candidate

2) 2009 Virgin Islands - same as above not seeing any luster in the pics.

3) 2019 Guam - Very nice and seems to have good luster, almost prooflike from the photo.  I probably wouldn't submit this one due to the reeding marks on the obv portrait.

4) 2019 Guam - This is the one I like the least, the obv has a long gash across the cheek and hit on the neck area.  The rev has what looks like some haze on the left side, this might come off with acetone.  This one does have what looks like an interesting clash mark on the top of George's head.


All four are great album coins and the two 2009 coins might be good for submission depending on what the pops and luster in hand are like.  If there are already a lot of high grade examples of these two in the pop reports then it might not make financial sense to bother with them even if the luster is great.

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Was the lighting set-up the same on all those? That satin finish is pretty amazing.

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