2020 DDime possible ddo and error

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2020 dime possible ddo and mad dieclash on obverse ddr on reverse u can see the band of the torch struck in right beside it...

Anybody can help me confirm this ...it has striped on obverse and reverse but lines are all in sequence...



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To me it does not look like a misaligned die

Were do you see doubling?

Remember that hubs are made with a single pressing now, so any traditional doubling is not possible. These days any "doubling" is near the center of the coin and seems to be caused more by slippage than being misaligned slightly on the subsequent punching or pressing.

Is the die clash you see on the reverse just right of the torch?

If so I doubt it is a clash as I can not see anything on the obverse design that would make these marks. Perhaps a more knowledgeable member can tell for sure.

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I really can't tell whether it's a die clash or wrong composition or whether it's a striking error but u can definitely see it in the Roosevelt head cheek area I thought it might have been the bush but can't figure out the letters to match

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