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HELP NEEDED - Identifying a 1996 United Kingdom one pound coin upsidedown error

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Hi everybody, hope you are well. I am not exactly a newbie, but I'm not exactly a professional.  I have a moderate knowledge of coins but I need some help with this one. I just joined this website today for the advice of a coin dealer.

I have in my possession a commemorative 1996 British Pound I believe from Northern Ireland.  As I was doing a little bit of research about the coin just for kicks, I noticed as I read online that there is an error coin where the words on the side of the coin are struck upside down.  I believe I have one of these coins actually. However I need some verification from more tenured eyes and help from the community.

I have not found a lot of information about this coin on the internet so any help that I could get from here would be wonderful.

I will submit some pictures so everybody can have a look.




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Welcome to the Forum.

The lettering on the edging is applied at a different process than the Obverse & Reverse. As the coin can be facing either up or down when the edge lettering is applied, there is  50/50 chance of which way it is facing. 

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6 hours ago, xyargx said:

Anyone else having an opinion 

The reason there's been no other comment is that Greenstang is correct; the Royal Mint has said it's a 50/50 shot on the incuse lettering.

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In the case of the one pound coins the letttering was applied first, then they were dumped into the hoppers and entered the coining chamber oriented up or down at random and struck in a reeded collar.

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