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1916 and 1924 coins
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Always show both sides of coin when you have a question and state what you would like to know about them.

Also rotate your coins properly so I don't t get a kink in my neck trying to see them right side up.

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1 hour ago, Daniel pinnell aka bambam said:

Yes sir I will I guess I only want to know if the have any sort of value .i watched YouTube and seen some coins they say are in pocket change ...

Be aware that not everything posted on Youtube is factual. The fact that something is hyped up online does not make it true. Videos are designed to get views and likes, not to make you rich. While it is possible to find something interesting in change every now and then, the odds of finding something valuable are very slim, and the odds of finding something that will make you rich are almost non-existant.

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Starting from the left:

Dateless Indian Head (Buffalo) nickels go for less than a dollar apiece, unless it is a 1913 type 1, in which case you might get 2 dollars from someone looking for a hole filler. Hard to say whether it is a type one or type two, without a picture of the reverse. (Take a look Here to learn the difference between the two types.)

Second coin is a French 1 Franc, .835 fine silver. Actual silver weight: .1342 oz. Mintage of over 92 million. A quick Ebay search shows them having sold for $4-$8, more or less. Again, with no picture of the obverse, it is impossible to grade your coin, but I would value it at around 5 dollars at most.

Third coin looks like a King George the Fifth Florin from Great Britain. The other side should have a portrait of George V facing left with an inscription around, reading: GEORGIVS.V D.G.BRITT:OMN:REX F.D.IND:IMP: The mintage was just over 4.5 million, and it is 50% silver. Recent Ebay sales show them selling for $5 - $9.


None of this information took much time or effort to gather, and it is something interesting that you can learn to do for yourself, if you choose to do so.

NGC's world coin price guide is HERE

Numista, a good source for information, is RIGHT HERE

If you are going to search pocket change, I recommend starting out by learning how dies are made. It will help you determine whether something is an error/variety, or just damage. John Wexler's site, which has this information, and lots of other interesting reading, is Here

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