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2 1962 / 1 1966 no mint mark
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Hey guys just wanted to see what you think of these Lincoln cents.one 1962D and one 1972 no mint mark,as well with one nice 1966 no mint mark.i don't want to say what I see.i get more from information of what other people see, so that I'm not just saying dumb things.i do appreciate all reply.thank you











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What I see is (not sure if those are rim dings or something covering the rim)

1962 no mm

1962 no mm


1966 no mm

1966 no mm

some reverses that I don't know which obverse they go with.

No sign of a 1972

If your asking if anything is a DD, from the pictures I would have to say no.


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I'm way too picky, but you don't really need to say "no mint mark". They're just Philadelphia coins. You could say "1966-P", or just "1966" and Philadelphia is assumed. The reason I bring it up is that there seems to be this perception out there that "no mint mark" coins are somehow valuable, probably from YouTube videos, due to a couple valuable proof dimes that were missing the S, and I see a lot of posts lately with this "no mint mark" thing. Maybe I'm the only picky one who senses a misguided perception of "value" every time I see "no mint mark". (Am I?)

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I'm with kbbpll on using 'no mint mark' for Philly struck Coins. I think there are like 2 or 3 Coins that don't have a MM but should and are valuable. So it isn't necessary to point out that there isn't a MM.ย 

@Jonescoinsย I would suggest, to take better photos, investing $5 in a clip-on Macro Lens from WalMart on-line, and in the meantime, just yesterday I found the most wonderful magnifying app for both Android and Apple called Cozy Magnifier and Microscope. Once you get your clip on lens they can be used together for the most amazing shots.ย  There are ads when you first open the app but then none after, and even those can be immediately closed. For a small one time fee you can get the upgraded version that's even better with no ads.ย 



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