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1968-P Brilliant Uncirculated, 1982-P Washington Quarter Brilliant Uncirculated
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I have 14 1968-P Brilliant Uncirculated Washington Quarters.  They are in simple holders. I also have 2 1982-P Brilliant Uncirculated Washington Quarters (one was from a Souvenir Mint Set) that I'd like to sell.  The first question is when I send it into NGC to be graded will they give me new holders?  The next question is I'd like to know others opinions on the value of these coins.  The third question is I'd like opinions on where to sell my coins.  Thank you to all who give me feedback.  : )


1982 P Washington Brilliant Uncirculated Quarter ~ From Souvenir Mint Set.jpg


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90% sure that when graded they would be slabbed in an NGC holder. 

1982 the Mint did not produce any Mint Sets so nicer examples do hold a small premium.

Any Coin must be really nice to be worthy of sending in and idk where you are getting the term BU for the Coins in your photos but they don't appear to have much shine on them and that is a very big part of a Coins grade. Unless what you have are nearly blemish free I'd say you'll lose by having them graded. That is just my opinion. The top photo is nice but not a well struck Coin. Idk what's going on with the 2nd, but it is lumpy and dull. The 3rd has a nice tone to it but with the blurry mess that's all I can say.  I hope this helps in your decision making and doesn't discourage, which is not my intent. 

Understand please that this is just the opinion of one person and the next may be totally opposite. There's a saying I've heard, 'a Coin is worth however much a person is willing to pay for it'. 

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Its all a matter of cost vs return, first as long as all the coins you send in are not deemed as cleaned or impaired in any way then yes NGC will grade and encapsulate the coins.  Now the important issue is it worth the cost to submit, it will cost you about $40 per coin including postage to and from and grading fees.  So you need to be able to sell each coin for more than $50 (the cost to grade and I'm adding $10 for approx. selling fees), the 1968 coins retail for around $30ish for MS66 graded coins so if any of the 14 came back as MS66 or less you would be losing money.  MS67 examples sell for $80-$90 at full retail but those grades are not given easily.


Now for the 1982 dated coins the values are higher but that's because the quality of the coins produced (and the slightly lower mintage) have produced fewer high grade coins.  For this year MS65 graded examples can be bought for around $20ish retail.  So as with the 1968 coins at the MS66 level if you receive any MS65 or lower grades on your 1982 coins you would lose money.  The jump to MS66 for the 1982 coins is large as those coins are selling in the $250+ range, but again not easy grades to get.


As you have only posted one side of the coins and those coins are in the mint wrapping its impossible to give any opinion as to what the coins you have might grade, I can only say that sending coins in for grading is a gamble and you might win but its very possible that you could lose.  If you really want to go for it I suggest you find a local coin shop or two and ask for some grade opinions as your next step.  The folks here are really good at suggesting a grade from photos but there is no substitute for seeing the coins in hand.

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