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82p error?

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Reposting hopefully better picture's. Trying to get some understanding and advice on interpreting die markers. I think maybe this is a wddo-002? Thanks for any help. Constructive criticism welcome.20200419_090302.thumb.jpg.70dae6b66de7e61db9008a3e7d6a1eb9.jpg20200419_090449.thumb.jpg.b45ee73f112216cad3d3761908d93ead.jpg

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The condition of the coin is making it difficult to say but from the photos I just don't see the correct markers and "Liberty" doesn't look as thick as it should be.  As you have the coin in hand look at the following two photos from Varity Vista and see if you can find these two markers, a long die scratch running from the mouth/chin up to almost the nose tip and some die scratches inside the "M" of America.  I don't think you have an example of either FS101 or FS102, it looks more like the FS103 from what I can see in the photos.




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Constructive criticism welcome.

First, a Doubled Die is not an Error but an Variety.

Second, It is not necessary to make two posts of the same coin. It only causes confusion. You now have replies to the same coin on two different posts.

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