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Collecting and Investing in Pre-1933 Gold

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On 8/26/2022 at 11:39 AM, AlaDurham said:

The first step I plan to take in the new year is to look at how much I have earned in 12 months and whether that figure has increased from the previous year.

And then buy a Saint, Liberty, or Indian Head ? xD

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Although my small gold coin collection is complete, and has been complete for around seven years now, it wasn't until a few years ago that I decided to create an NGC Registry Type Set, and it has completely changed for the better how I view my coins and follow their price trajectories.

I keep a Notes page on my computer, and update it constantly for the number of views received, and also for the change in $$.  Just today, I checked the value of the collection and it had gone up $425.

Really surprised me.  What changed?  When? How do I find out?  Well, with the Registry Set, finding the answer is simple.

You go to your Registry page, click Competitive Coins on the left, and click them, one by one, to open their pages.  Then on the right side of each page you'll find NGC Price Guide Value, and click that.

A new page will open, and then a window within the page will appear — NGC Price Guide - Historical Prices — and it will show if a recent price change occurred for your coin.

The coin that changed in price for me on Monday August 29, 2022 happens to be the first gold coin I ever acquired.  When I bought it, I didn't know about these boards, didn't know anything about gold coins, and the dealer clipped me for $1,040 over what NGC priced the coin at, at the time.

But I liked the coin, and I kept it.  It photographs more beautifully than any other coin I own.  It's an 1881 CC United States $10 AU 53 Liberty Eagle.

Just inspecting the graph for the coin in the Historical Prices window, and dragging my cursor along the price line with the time period selected as All, I found that a few months after buying it, its price fell another $160.  Oblivious to all of this, I continued buying other coins for my collection, and a year later the coin almost doubled in price, getting me to break even.

Last year in October (2021) the coin almost doubled in price yet again.

It is on a price tear/bloom, of late.  Gorgeous coin, in so many ways.

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A pleasant little article that really says only two things:

1) If buying pre-1934 US gold coins look for full weight, low uncirculated grade pieces at the smallest markup, and

2) Buy authenticated coins to ensure there are no counterfeits.

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