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Coin imperfection and grading

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Hello guys I'm a newbie here and still learning about coin grading, so please bear with me.

I just purchased this new gold panda coin and i noticed that there is an error on the coin edge which looks like there is some metal getting sheared off. 

How would that affect coin grading if I decide to submit to NGC.

Help and opinion appreciated. Here's a snapshot photo.

Thanks in advance for your reply.


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Here's an additional photo. 

And I would like to add that the coin is still in its original mint packaging.

It looks like somebody took out a portion of it or one part of it getting chipped off.


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I don't collect bullion coins, but my suspicion would be the market would pay less for it rather than more. That's more or less how we distinguish a "collectible error" from a "manufacturing and handling blunder," even though on the surface the two terms describe similar origins.

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It is not an error, that is damage on your gold Panda. Something has hit it either before or after it was packaged.

I would return it if I were you. It only devaluates it. 

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A hit is a hit and in the end does devalue it regardless of grade. A 70 with no ding is better than a 70 with ding.

But in regards to the grade, I've had coins with similar dings grade 70. The rims on modern bullion/commemorative's seem to be treated as sacrificial, at least to some extent.

It's not as good as a coin with no ding on the rim, but does not mean the coin wouldn't grade 69 or 70. IMO

If the rest of the coin looks good and you don't have a problem with it, I wouldn't be afraid to send it. You'll be taking a chance for sure.

If you can return it and get one with no ding or money back even better.


Rims from MS70 Modern bullion.

Good Luck,


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