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1977D Lincoln cent

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You're so found his 1977-d Penny  . Very odd coloring D / D over S covering mint mark.can anyone tell me about this coin has anyone seen something like this that look like it's on a different coin planchet well I appreciate all reply to response to thank you



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Before you spend a lot of time trying to get a better close up -- some friendly advice. Even if the coin had a D over S mint mark, it is badly damaged. That will make it extremely difficult to tell if there is in fact a D over S, and will substantially impact the value...not in a good way.

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11 hours ago, Jonescoins said:

Oh ok 👍. what makes them turn that way? also thank you

Copper is pretty reactive. In moist soil, the water accelerates corrosion. The amount of corrosion depends of course on the composition of the soil and the amount of moisture. That's one way -- and the most likely way --  to get a coin with a surface like yours. 

My own question about this is that some cents found in soil corrode like this one did, and others develop verdigris. I have yet to see an explanation for why that happens!

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