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1948d wheat penny

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Welcome to the Chat Box.

Your coin is not a Doubled Die. Also  I don't see where you are referring to as a Die Crack. Can you be a little more specific as to it's  location?

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54 minutes ago, Jonescoins said:

Ok thank you I will keep looking

One thing you may want to keep in mind if you plan to post more pictures:

None of us have seen the coin in hand as you have, so, unless there is something that just jumps out and screams, "ERROR," we have to look the entire coin over for any tiny little anomaly that may or may not be something special. It would be helpful if you would describe what you think might be different about your coin, and where it is on the coin.

By the way, I can't say for sure, but you may have a very slight Grease-filled die error on the lower point of the "N" in "CENT." Not really worth a premium, but interesting, none the less.

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7 hours ago, Jonescoins said:

by Liberty I thought it was a die break.

Really helpful...took me less than a second to see what you're seeing!

I'm sorry but that's not a die break. It is possible that there was something there when the coin was struck: a strike through, lamination error, or potentially a badly eroded die. However, it's also possible that it is post-mint damage. The coin is a heavily circulated wheat cent so on balance, you have to assume it's PMD.

Still a wheat cent so you have that going for you!

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