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1968 No Mint Penny

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While it may be hard to believe that a 50+ year old coin is only worth face value, that is very often the case. Your coin was one of over 1.7 billion cents minted in Philadelphia that year, so is very common.

Cool to find one in circulation, though. It is in pretty good shape to be that old. Although there is a slight misalignment of the obverse die, it isn't enough to add to the value. Just worth one cent.

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4 minutes ago, giacar25 said:

Darn! I tought it would be worth more. Thanks for the info though!

Well, technically, it is worth a tiny bit more.

From the website Coinflation.com:

"$0.0184856 is the melt value for the 1909-1982 copper cent on February 26, 2020."

I seem to recall reading that the government has outlawed the private melting of cents to retrieve the copper, though. So, unless you need it to make ammo for the Zombie Apocalypse, you should probably not melt it down.

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A lot of this "no mint" stuff seems to be popping up lately, so it may be worth mentioning that almost everything produced by the Philadelphia mint does NOT have a mint mark. There are a couple of proof coins that somehow did not get the S mint mark and are valuable, but there must be some YouTube video or something that is giving people the impression that any coin without a mint mark is valuable. I think recent quarters, the mint anniversary of the cent, and war nickels are about the only coins that had a P. Literally billions and billions of other coins minted in Philadelphia do not have a mint mark.

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