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Back from the Beach with an Ultimate Black & White 1956 T2 Proof Franklin FOR SALE at a GREAT PRICE!
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Back from the Beach!

I picked up this incredible find at the Long Beach show last week and I am thrilled to be able to offer a 1956 Type 2 proof Franklin that offers ULTIMATE cameo devices! This is a knockout! It has been quite some time since I've ran into a 1956 Type 2 proof Franklin with contrast this heavy. This find is quite the treat so to speak! Let me break down the rarity level of this extremely rare 1956 Type 2 proof Franklin.

To start, this example is struck off one of the top dies for this issue that offers the HEAVIEST MATCHING obverse and reverse cameo devices. I am talking thick snow-white frost surrounded by black hole fields. This is the definition of a fully ULTIMATE frosted cameo proof Franklin. These are the finest contrasted examples struck from these dies and there is maybe only a handful of these 1956 Type 2 proof Franklins that offer this level of contrast on both obverse and reverse. This is a special piece indeed!

Second we have a proof Franklin in Proof 69 condition. Not only 69 condition, but 69 ULTRA CAMEO condition. This is like a PR 70 on today's market as there are literally no proof Franklins known to exist yet in PF 70 condition. A 69 is the best condition a proof Franklin will grade, but this may change as there may be that one unknown example to finally exist. This is a tough series to find in high quality condition and to find a proof Franklin in this high of quality coupled with this level of cameo contrast is a recipe for an extremely rare Proof Franklin half dollar. 

Third out of the 19,498 examples NGC has certified to date, only 557 examples are certified in ALL grades of ULTRA CAMEO. We are talking 3% of the 1956 Type 2 proof Franklins certified by NGC are in Proof ULTRA CAMEO condition. There's only 7% graded in CAMEO and the remaining 90% are graded in Proof. Do you see how rare it is to find a 1956 Type 2 proof Franklin in ULTRA CAMEO or CAMEO condition? 

Fourth your average 1956 Type 2 proof Franklin will grade PF 67 but to find one in high grade CAMEO or ULTRA CAMEO condition is extremely tough. NGC has only certified 116 examples to date in PF 69 ULTRA CAMEO. There are no examples graded higher. This is the BEST of the BEST! Top quality! Top rarity! Top eye-appeal! 

This is your recipe for a truly rare 1956 Type 2 Proof Franklin Half Dollar!

If you are interested in purchasing this example please click HERE


Jackie O. French

IMG_1029 (2).JPG

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