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Not sure if these cases and coins authentic or counterfeit

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Does anyone want to take a shot to advise if these 3 coins and cases are authentic? The coins registrations are valid, but no photos of the coins are in the registry for comparison.

I have not purchased them. I've watched the NGC videos, but photos aren't that great. I thought there were some inconsistencies and wanted to get opinions:

  • The shape of the "0", "8", and some letters look off. The centers of the "8"s look circular rather than oval.
  • The detail on the braid/pony tail on the $10 doesn't appear to have the fine beaded pattern on an authentic $10.
  • The cc on the Washington quarter dollar appears to be offset to the right a bit.
  • One of the coins is not oriented correctly.
  • The labels seem to be an older style and I don't see welding around the entire case perimeter if there should be.

Also, I posted this in the Counterfeit forum but didn't get any replies. How can I remove that post?IMG_1711.thumb.jpg.c235ba420afb97d7f9a9e68f63764bb6.jpgIMG_1709.thumb.jpg.a0b3c68d8627b96fbe9f9fea6ddfe693.jpgIMG_1710.thumb.jpg.33014be48213131cf4457495c7d18321.jpgIMG_1708.thumb.jpg.e89914f675933a75d2085305f51003ce.jpgIMG_1706.thumb.jpg.39a6d520d0e85ff3afce04c3095d297e.jpgIMG_1707.thumb.jpg.133fa65dfdb45813da39d27d1808d1cb.jpgIMG_1701.thumb.jpg.a4330b90466631e1ccee3a3660907878.jpg1793771890_IMG_1700(1).thumb.jpg.a05a35da67d47f402b93dfbe128543c8.jpg

Thank you.

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One idea would be to get a barcode reader app and try it on the barcodes. Fake slabs I've read about were too lazy to embed the real cert # in the barcodes. Otherwise I don't know enough about the various slab types to comment on that. Coin orientation is not a good criteria because the TPGs do it wrong themselves sometimes.

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I looked up your 3 NGC graded coins and they were all on the certification verification look-up on the NGC website. The images are there. Your images of your 10 dollar Liberty and the ancient coin both show rim hits that also show on the NGC images. 

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Yes, I received confirmation earlier from another member also. Thanks for the help!

My tablet was not displaying images, so I used my laptop. There are three ancients, one 1694 2 Escudo and the 3 US.  I am surprised by the MS66 1872 Washington 25C (BG-818); have only found one other.

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