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old registry caching old images when I upload new coin images
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I re-imaged my 1983 birth year mint set recently. I uploaded the new updated photos via the new registry and everything looks fine there. But those same coins on the old registry still feature the old images when looking at the smaller thumbnail images (in the gallery/slideshow views). 

So I went back and deleted all of the images for all coins in that set, assuming that would get rid of those old thumbnail previews. Then I re-uploaded the new images, but the old registry is still showing the old thumbnails.

Any info on how to get those thumbnails updated to the new images? (you can tell they're old because I updated my watermark for the new images, the watermark with the red circle is the new image, the watermark with the cursive "L" is the old image)

Set in question: https://coins.www.collectors-society.com/registry/coins/SetGallery.aspx?PeopleSetID=182182

The cent and nickle have the new images because they never had old images, but the dime, quarter, and half all have the old images as thumbnails.

Thanks for any info you can provide.

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1 hour ago, BlakeEik said:

I found that you had to upload the photos on the old registry page to fix the old registry thumbnails.  I know... a real pain...

Yes but updating the old updates the new, and if the new is ever finished and the old is retired, who cares if the new one isn't back compatible then?

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