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So I just picked up 1 1963 franklin half dollar and a 1964 Kennedy half both for 12 dollars so 6 dollars a peace and I told the guy I will be back for the rest he has 10 more of each coin is that a good buy or no


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The value of the silver in a Franklin half dollar ("melt value") is about $6.25 currently. So you got that for under melt, so that's a very good buy. Kennedy half dollars are a bit more complicated. Older ones, like that 1964, are 90% silver like the Franklins, so they're very good buys at that price. The ones from later in that decade are only 40% silver. Some of the later ones are just clad and have no silver. I'd definitely buy anything 90% silver at that price.

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 Welcome to the forum.

I don't see silver falling much in the future, although I really wish it would, so that I could buy a bunch, so I would definitely buy pre-64 half dollars for $6 a piece.

Disclaimer: do not take my advice on investments of any kind. I am terrible at predicting the future.

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