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Seated Liberty Trade Dollar

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I have purchased two Carson City Seated Liberty Silver Trade Dollars at a local auction. I can find information on the 1878 coin, but I am unable to find anything on the 1879 coin. Please help.




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Edit: I glossed over the Carson City part. There weren't any 1879 CC trade dollars. More info here https://www.ngccoin.com/coin-explorer/trade-dollars-1873-1885-pscid-48-desig-ms

Edit again: now that there are pictures, it's clearly a counterfeit. Get a refund.

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In 1879, the only Trade Dollars were Proof. There was not a 1879 CC made.

It looks to me like someone has tried to create a 9.  Here is a photo of the Proof 1879 Date to compare. In any case, it is not a 1879CC.

1879 Trade Dollar.jpg

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And since the 1879 CC is a fake there is a VERY VERY good chance the 78 CC is a fake as well.

The auctioneer will probably try and claim that at the auction all sales are final.  If so start making some noise about how they are selling items that they can't provide legal title to.  Doing things like that can cause them to lose their auctioneers license..

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