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Photo Vision on a proof with irridescent toning?

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Hello group

My first post. Hello! I'm writing to inquire about people's experience with Photo Vision and maybe even get some examples of a coin that I know can be especially tough to image, even raw  I have an NGC PF67 Mercury Dime that has toning that looks golden brown at first glance, but that under direct light shows all sorts of color. Such pieces can be tough to get a colorful photo from that isn't either flooded with glare, completely lacking any evidence of a proof reflection, or waaaaay overprocessed. If anyone can post examples of a Photo Vision of such a dilema-coin I'd appreciate it. Thank you!

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Welcome to the boards, in the future you may want to do a search first as there was a very recent thread on the subject of the photo vision service.

photo vision service

My experience with the service didn't include any coins like your looking for so I cant provide any additional info than what is in the linked thread.  My conclusion after using the service is that its a solid service, the pics are very high quality but seem dull and lack showing the luster on the coins that I had imaged.  I have used someone else before that I think does a better job so I will continue to use that source, I'm not unhappy with the service just have seen better imo.  Here is a non proof coin that my source imaged for me that looks rather dark until the light is just right.




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