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1970D new DDR Cent?
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Ok then. Last one here and several Friends agree that it is a DDR. I have sent photos to Chuck at Copper Coins, but he is busy I suppose, or most likely we just don't care for one another so he isn't going to look at all. I'm sure you guys can't imagine sweet little ole me not getting along with someone, huh? Hahahaha! (Yes, yes. I am currently on the floor wracked with such heartiest of guffaws and yes my backside is coming apart).  Anywhooo...there are no DDR's listed for any 1970 Cents, except for the S-Proof, so this is likely nothing at all, but wouldn't it be ever so cool if I had found an as yet unlisted 50 years old DDR, and in such great shape to boot? Sho nuff would be. FRFR. If you would please train your peepers to the left side of the 4th pillar, from the floor to about halfway up said pillar, and let me know what you think then I'd be ever so greatful. (How is that spelled incorrectly? Surely it isn't grateful?) And if it's NOT a DDR, then what do you think it might be, please and thank you. Thanks for putting up with me tonight. I am definitely feeling my oats for some reason. But I do hope I made at least a couple of you smirk a teensy bit.






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1 hour ago, KarenHolcomb said:

sweet little ole me   Anywhooo... Sho nuff would be. peepers  feeling my oats  a teensy bit.

Man, you really are from WV. :)

Anywho, in the overall context of the coin I'd have to say die polish. There are many equally thick and distinct blobby lines all over the place on this coin, but the fact that this one is right next to, and kinda sorta looks like, a pillar, makes you think "doubling". Alternatively, it's in the correct bay to be a clash of the back of Abe's neck if the obverse die was rotated a bit. Great pictures!

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@kbbpll You sure do know how to use a girls words against her, huh. Just how would you know that I am from the Great State of West By God? Hmmm... But really I was merely being a smart spoon is all.  Som6w of the guys are upset with me so I figure if I remind them how I can make them smile they will get over it. Yeah Baby!!! Good thoughts on my Lincoln. I'd have thought my buddy Lenny would have come up with either Polish or Abrading. He musta been having a bad day or else just wanted me to not feel too awful dumb. (Wonder if they will change my word?) Idt the coin is blobby, as you say. Who even says blobby anyway? Lmbo! Although you are correct, it is heavily Abraded and I am heavily disappointed. You crushed my dreams dude. Just kidding. I quit dreaming long ago. Merry Christmas to you and yours if I don't chat with again before then.


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