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1939 Wheat Penny error coin??

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I am trying to educate myself - but I'd like a little help is anyone has a minute.


What would have caused this penny to be in this shape?  Is it  minting error or after the face?

What is such a coin worth?





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That is damage, PMD

It can only be an error if it happened during the striking of the coin. Anything that happens after that is considered damage.

In order to help you a bit, and I know I have posted this before, there are only a limited number of things that can happen to a coin when it is being struck, but there are countless things that can happen after it is ejected from the striking chamber.  Anytime you see scratches, gouges, dings, flattened letters, distorted letters, stained or off colour coins to name a few, it is nearly always damage and adds no value to the coin.

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Here is  some education that will help you see why this has to be post strike damage.

You see the raised rim around the edge of the coin?  That is formed during the strike.  The Mint used round dies in a round collar.  This coin is distorted out of a round shape, but that raised rim is still there in the distorted area.  That tells you that at one time the coin was its normal round shape and the the distortion had to occur AFTER the coin was struck, hense Post Strike Damage.

As to value, damage done to a coin, as a general rule, almost NEVER increases the value.  You have a 1939 cent that was worth maybe 5 cents before it was damaged.  Now maybe 2 cents, if you can pass it along in a bulk lot of wheat cents.

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