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2005 Penny possible errors. Is it worth grading/certifying

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I found a 2005 Lincoln Penny with a double earlobe and a possible floating roof (line is so faint, that it can't be seen by human eye and very very faint on microscope). However the coin is in mixed condition. I cannot find any coins listed anywhere with similar errors for that year, so am thinking it is a rare error and if so is it worth getting it graded/certified. It's in mixed condition due to what looks like a chemical stain, but if it's rare, that is why I am unsure.  I'm new to this, so any suggestions/guidance is appreciated.


Thank you in advance.  





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if submitted it will need some conservation.  I will leave the doubled ear evaluation to others.  I used to own a 1984 doubled ear and it has the doubling behind the ear, not in front as your coin.  Obviously it could still represent a doubling, just my observation 

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Welcome to the Forum Rachel68

Sorry but not a Doubled Ear. the end of the earlobe has taken a hit which has flattened it. Also I do not think that would not be regarded as a floating roof as you can vaguely see the downward stroke. Would like to have seen the other side to confirm.

FYI- Even if these were errors, they would be considered minor and not worth the cost of grading. Unless a coin is worth at least $150.00, it is not worth getting graded.

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