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1941 nickel multiple errors?

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Hello everyone, 
Thanks for taking the time to read my question and thanks in advance for any help. I’m still new to the collecting of coins and my terminology isn’t the best but I believe I may have a “rotated in die” error or something. Not really sure. It’s very interesting to me. Wondering if I should try to send it off to be graded. I will attach photos. The word “cents” appears to be multiples and on Jefferson’s head there appears to be other “stamps”. 


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The word cents and Jeffersons head is just damage. Whenever you see incuse marks that are not supposed to be there, it is nearly always damage. The rim also has been badly damaged. The coin does have some coin rotation but most collectors like to see a rotation of 180o, besides with the condition of the coin, any premium would be nullified.

Remember, it is only an error if it happens during the striking of the coin, anything that happens after that is just damage so whenever you see a coin with dings, gouges, scratches, flattened letters, misshapen letters or what appears to be extra numbers or letters etc. is probably just damage. There is no harm in collecting damaged coins, it's just that in most cases they are only worth face value.

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2 minutes ago, H. Mccormick said:

Thank you! I’m still learning and every bit of information helps! 

Surely there HAVE TO BE better ways to learn this stuff, even in the Internet age. Otherwise, we're all, as a society, in DEEEEEEEP trouble. This is NOT the path from the Socratic method.

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