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1997 dime error ?
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When I received this coin years ago..I just started getting little things here n there.can anyone tell me if this is a true error strike? Please and thank u.  

The second pic has been altered to try n show the contrast...sorry if pic isn't clear enough





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What's it supposed to be? A 7 or an 8? 2? Ima say that you'll be told it is a grease job or PMD. I have no idea if either is the case, but I like it. And that's why I stopped by, just to tell you I like it. 

And this. Let me say this too...sometimes a greasy die can create a look that people want thus making it valuable. For example there is some State Quarter that had too much grease around the T of trust causing it to say In God We Rust. Idk how much they go for but it made a headline in some magazines when one was found and there wound up being more than the one. So never just toss back into circulation something that you find cool because someone else might find it cool too and might want to buy it. I mean, how much space does a Dime really take up, right. Btw, I have an In God We Rust Nickel and I've only shown it to one person. I've never heard of another. I love Nickels and I'm bored and rambling. Good luck. -Karen

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I had one also...but I thought that the T was worn.... I have kicked myself for misplacing it... And I think it's supposed to be a 7.   But maybe a 2...I will have to look a little closer... Thanks Mrs Karen.. Always a joy

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