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2010 native american dollar

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Hello everyone, 

I just got ahold of 2 mint rolls of 2010 sac native american dollars. They are an early P and D 25 coin rolls in sealed boxes. Both boxes have dates and barcodes of 2009. These coins look terrible. The have swirl and ripple finish patterns on them, deep knics and gouges and tons of errors. I opened the Ps first and was surprised at how poor the quality was. Of the 25, 16 were type A and 9 type B. I found a few with edge doubling and some repeating patterns. Then I opened the Ds. 20 of 25 were A and 5 B, more than half of the As appear to have been struck, polished and re struck. Some have the outlines of the arrows found on the reverse present on the obverse and most surprisingly most have half polished down reeded edges which can still be seen. The most surprising one has a type A over top of a type b which has two D mint Mark's side by side. I will get pictures tomorrow when I'm home. 

My question is, is this a normal thing to do at the mint? Do they strike a coin then polish it down and re use them? I thought they will inspect the coins and make sure they werent so obviously not MS coins? And the most intriguing question is, was there a SAC dollar or president dollar any year that had reeded edges? 

 Any info would help!








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I'm really excited to post the pictures once I get them. Also, the planchets have damage on them ie. Knics and gouges that have been struck over. It will be clearly visible in the pictures as well. There are some that have letters over gouges where the complete lettering is visible on top of the damage. 

The edging that shows the reeded edges also looks mushy in some spots where they have had the reeded edges removed. Looks like melted metal. Now I'm even more excited.




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It does look like you may have a coin that was sent through the edge lettering machine twice.  I think your "arrows from the back on the front" is pareidolia.  I believe the "reeded edge" is from shear marks when the blank ws punched from the strip not being completely eradicated during the striking.  As for the poor quality, well these are just typical business strikes, what do you expect?

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