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Helping My Dad Sell His Coin Collection
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I am helping my 91-year-old dad sell his coin collection, which he started when he was 13 years old.  I am currently taking an inventory of his collection, and I am not sure how to proceed after I am done with that.  We are fairly new to the area where we live, so we are not familiar with any of the businesses that we might use to help us. What should our next steps be?  Thank you.

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I would get the PCGS PhotoGrade and CoinFacts Apps to start. I would do that now as you are sorting through them. Those 2 apps will give you a ballpark figure of what each is worth. As far as selling them, I mean idk? If it is like a truly fantastic collection worth big money you might want to consider an auction house. Odds and ends I would use eBay or a FB auction group. I know NGC sells coins but idk what their process is. Maybe once you have a better idea what he has you could post a query in the ask NGC/NCS ( I think) Forum. Good luck.

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Karen has some good points but if we had more information, we might be able to help you more.

You don't indicate what type of collection it is, Mainly US, Foreign, mixed?

Condition is a big factor in the value of the coin, do  you know  approximate grades of the coins?

What years and nominations are most of them?

Are any of the coins graded?

Are they loose or are they in albums or 2x2's?

How many gold and silver coins are there?

Are you looking to sell them quickly at a reduced price or are you willing to wait to get the best price?

By using the internet, there is  much information on just about any coin out there. I use the eBay sold list to give me an approximate value of coins.

Looking forward to see what you have. Perhaps you can post some photos of both sides of some of them.

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You know what realtors say, right?

Location, location, location.


We're coin folks. Condition, condition, condition.

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