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When is Grading Justified?

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Collected coins as a kid, just as a hobby, really never thought about it until recently, from buying Investment grade coins.

The bulk of what I have as a kid are: The Lincoln Pennies in the Blue tri-fold books.

So, from that scenario comes my question.

How do you determine If a coin or coins / collection should be graded?

Majority are typical wear for year. Do I grade them? In hopes that the Grading as an overall exceeds the Expense of the grading.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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2 hours ago, A.S.K. said:

 Do I grade them? In hopes that the Grading as an overall exceeds the Expense of the grading..

That would be the the determining factor, if they were my coins. You have to figure the cost of grading each coin, plus shipping, return shipping, and insurance. And, when figuring the worth of each coin, I would use wholesale prices, and not retail.

Welcome to the forum. If you need any information or advice on anything, don't hesitate to post.

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First off, Hello and Welcome to the Forum!

Bob has given you good advice.  However, I'd like to add a little something more.  Without knowing what exactly what you have, there are very few Wheat Cents that would be worth grading in average circulated grades.  You'd basically only be looking at the keys dates being worth it (1909-SVDB, 1909-S, 1914-D, 1922 no D, 1955 DDO).  If some of your early S mint pieces are high grade circulated, like AU, then the 1911-S, 1912-S, 1914-S, 1924-D (I know, not an S) could be added to the list, possibly.  But that's about it.  I'm guessing that most of your cents are likely good in the book and not worth the expense of grading based on what I've typically seen in the blue Whitman folders.  

I hope that this is of some help to you!


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Bob, Tom,

Thank You both for your insight.

Along the same Post I have the following 1936 Washington Quarter.

More just curious what your view is on condition.

Thank You, Again



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Well.....the picture is pretty blurry, which makes an accurate grade assessment difficult, but based on what I can see it'd only grade out at Good 4 at the best.  In that grade, NGC's Price Guide gives a value of $8 (which I'd consider high.  I think most dealers would sell a G4 1936 Philly Quarter for silver melt), it's definitely not worth the money and time involved to grade that coin.

As always, I hope this is of some help!


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1 minute ago, A.S.K. said:

As always thank you Tom.

Just really trying to grasp specifics.

No problem at all.  Always glad to lend a hand when I can.  And, this kind of thing is always a part of learning the hobby.  It's always better to ask a question than not to do so ;)

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