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1780 Maria Theresa Austrian Thaler

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I'm kind of a newbie at this so I was wondering if anyone could share some of their expertise.  My Grandad left me some world (mostly Spanish and Latin American) coins which I'm learning more about.  But, I'm not familiar enough with Austrian Thalers to determine if these two coins are re-strikes or KM-1866.2 or ???  Might anyone have an idea.  Thanks.

aIMG_20190626_134538 a.jpg

aIMG_20190626_135138 a.jpg

IMG_20190626_140317 a.jpg

IMG_20190626_140255 a.jpg

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Well TrueShooter I have no idea. BUT...you might try to repost in another room like world coins maybe. You might get more input that way. I think you can post there as a Newbie anyway. Good luck!

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7 hours ago, JKK said:

Nice website. Good find, J!


OP, unless I am reading things wrong, your coins are both Leypold 4. To narrow it down to the Hafner number, you will have to compare edge inscriptions and exact diameter to the descriptions, or so it appears. All, however, were struck 1853 and later.

I don't know how either of these numbers translate to Krause numbers. I have not been able to find that information online. I don't have a copy of Krause, so I don't know if the info is in there.

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