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1958 double die obverse

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5 hours ago, Matt Schott said:

So I heard the 58 double die obverse is very rare and they have only found 3 so I think I might have one or two how do I figure that out

You did not say what denomination your coin was, but I guessed that it is a LIncoln cent. Click this link RiGHT HERE


Or, this link RIGHT HERE


The first will take you to the Variety Plus site provided by our host, the second to a site called Variety Vista. You can compare your coin to the pictures provided, and see if it is a match. (if your coin is another denomination, there should be a "HOME" button to get you back to where you can find the right coin) One thing though: it has to be an exact match, and not just kinda sorta close. Sometimes a coin looks like a doubled die, but it turns out to be mechanical doubling, which does not bring a premium. Study the pictures carefully.

Oh, and, Welcome to the forum. :)


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Good advise from Bob but one thing to remember is that this coin has been heavily counterfeited over the years so if your coins are not an exact match, it is possible they are fake. If you can't determine what you have just post a clear picture of your coins. The counterfeits are easy to identify. 

Also a terminology correction: It is called a Doubled Die, not a Double Die.

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Agreed with Bob and Greenstang on all points.  They have guided you well.

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