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1943 steel magnetic penny 2.97g

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     I've run across a lot of steel pennies and all have weighed from 2.68g to 2.78g, some have been reprocessed and some not... I recently read about all the experimental metal combinations they tried in 1943 and was curious if the one I have here that weighs 2.97g and doesn't appear to be reprocessed and is magnetic, so it's not a copper planchet :( lol might be one of those experimental planchets being at this weight? I know the weight tolerance is around .1 to .13, I think, but this one is around .25 over. Have any of ya'll run across any that weigh this much over, in a steel cent? It might be common and I just haven't seen one til now :) These newer discoveries of different experimental planchets are pretty cool to learn about, it makes looking at steelies a little more interesting. One of the new ones weighs 2.70g and another 2.80g but this one would still be over, being it's not a copper... although I'm not sure which ones are magnetic and which ones are not. If I have gotten some facts wrong, please correct me so I wont go on thinking the wrong things. Thank you for looking and I appreciate any help and knowledge ya'll can pass on in this matter :)




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