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Any CSNS reports??? Wanted to attend - but can't

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I was there Thursday and Friday.  Had a pretty good time, caught up and visited with some collectors and dealers I've known for a long time.  Attended just about all the presentations and club meetings.  Beth Deishers talk on the counterfeit problem was quite interesting.  We all know the problem is bad but a couple of the cases she related were still shocking.  Such as a single confiscation of a shipment coming in that captured 22 TONS of counterfeit coins.  And another person they arrest with counterfeits that if marketed at their real value would have been 46 Million dollars.

I wlked the entire bourse floor, found it rather depressing.  Almost everything was slabbed, and since I don't buy slabbed coins there was little for me to look at.  I renewed a couple of club memberships and bought a book.  The only coin I managed to find was a common mid grade Conder token.  If it wasn't for visiting the people and the presentations I'd probably stop going to these shows.  Next weeks EAC convention should be better though.  I did see one piece I found interesting. The dealer described it as the worlds cheapest 1794 S-33, Fr-2 with choice smooth brown surfaces, and counterstamped twice on each side.  Only $6,000.  Would love to have it but $6K is out of my reach right now.

My father had a good time as well and came away with a modest pile of foreign currency.  Several years ago when it got to the point he was finding it difficult to find any of the coins we need he started a one per country currency set.  When we got down to the last seven or so countries he just started picking up any type that he didn't already have.  I think the collection is over 4000 notes now.

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