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Coin value?

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The photography is seriously distorting the color. The last one looks aquamarine, and I doubt that is how it looks in hand. Also, you don't have obverses and reverses for all the coins. Lots of expertise is on hand to help you ID and value these once you resolve those situations.

Don't bother with the Jeff dollar, though. That one's not going to be worth a premium, so no need to re-shoot.

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The 1 reale would be nice, if it didn't have a hole in it.  It has some value but the hole brings it down a LOT.  The half real has some value but I can't say how much.  The Jefferson dollar is worth a dollar, and the half dollars are worth whatever the going rate for silver is.  They don't really have much if any premium over that. The 1856 seated I believe is a dime (could be a half dime, they are kind of hard to tell apart when all you have is a picture of the obv and no size reference)  Don't know which mint it is from but there isn't much value difference between them until you get to XF or better.  Wear wise this one looks fairly nice probably a VF.  If there is no damage this is probably the best coin in the group.

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