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Well....because some person with no manners, decorum nor knowledge of coins hijacked my last thread trying to sell a damaged 2019-D Lincoln Cent for over $2,400 on eBay, I've decided to shut that thread down and re-post all of my sales links here, though it will be the same as the old thread.

Hello Again Everyone!! I got some new NGC graded items in, so it's time for a brand new sales thread! As always, we will start with the freshest NGC graded items first.

Here's a 1979-S Type 2 Kennedy Half Dollar in PF 69 Ultra Cameo:


Here's a Canadian 1963 Proof Like 50 Cents graded PL 61 Cameo.  This isn't the highest grade Cameo, but it's a great affordable one:


Here's a 2013-S Silver Great Basin America the Beautiful Quarter in PF 69 Ultra Cameo:


Here's a 2012-S Clad Denali America the Beautiful Quarter graded PF 70 Ultra Cameo:


Here's a 2013-S Lincoln Shield Cent in PF 69 Red Ultra Cameo:


Here's a 1922-A Germany Aluminum 3 Mark KM-29 graded MS 65:


Here's a 1922-G Germany Aluminum 3 Mark KM-29 graded AU 58 by ANACS:


I also still have this rare 1941-A (Berlin Mint) 10 Reichspfennig Occupation/Reichskreditkassen coin graded UNC Details for a tiny spot of zinc rust on the reverse.

the 10 Reichspfennig is here, with a lower price:


Here's a 1933 USSR 20 Kopeck in AU 53:


Here's a 1910-A Germany Nickel 25 Pfennig graded MS 64:


And now for some nice raw coin offerings.

Here's a 2018-S Silver Reverse Proof Pictured Rocks ATB Quarter:


I also have a pair of 1983 Proof Philippines Coins.  Only 750 Philippine Proof Sets were struck in 1983, making coins from these sets tough to acquire. 

I have a Proof 1983 10 Sentimo here, with a lower price:


And a Proof 1983 25 Sentimo here, also with a lower price:


And here's a nice silver 20 Qirsh from Ottoman Egypt.  This coin is a 1293/29-H (1903) date and it is crown sized, so that adds to its appeal as well  The price is now lowered:


I also have a few 1979-S Type 2 Raw Singles

I have some Jefferson Nickels here:


and some Roosevelt Dimes here:


and some Washington Quarters here:


And we'll wrap this up with a selection of 1981-S Type 2 singles. 

And here's a listing for some 1981-S Type 2 Jefferson Nickels:


Here's a 1981-S Type 2 Roosevelt Dime:


Here are some 1981-S Type 2 Washington Quarters:


And that's everything I have for now!  If you don't want to deal with Ebay, we can complete the sale through here if you have a PayPal account.  Just PM me and let me know what you're interested in and we can work it out.  As always, I truly appreciate every view and sale!! Thank you all for your continued support of my sales venture over the years!!

Until next time.....


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Update-the 1979-S Type 2 Anthony Dollar in PF 69 Ultra Cameo and the 1859 Indian Cent in VF Details have sold and the links have been removed.  Thanks So Much!!

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Update-the 1919 German Notgeld piece and one 1979-S Type 1 Proof set have sold and the links have been removed.  Thanks So Much!

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Update-the 1943-A 50 Reichspfennig has sold and the link has been removed.  Also, all links have been updated and some new items have been added.  Thanks So Much!!

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Update-The 1966 Canadian 50 Cents in PL 66 Cameo, the raw 1979 and 1981-S Type 2 Dollars and the raw 1979-S Type 2 Half have all sold and the links have been removed.  All links have been updated as well.  Thanks So Much!!

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Update-the 1918 5 Ore, the three piece Anthony Dollar Lot, the raw 1981-S Type 2 Half Dollar and the last 1979 Type 1 Proof Set have all sold and the links have been removed.  Thanks So Much!!

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