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Question About Jamaica 1882 Penny Census On NGC

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Hi there. I am a collector of British and British colonial Caribbean and have a question about your census and a possible error.

There were two pennies struck for Jamaica in 1882 (some contend that there are only one, discussion to follow),  by far the most common is the 1882 "H" or Heaton, and the other is "no H" or presumably London minted.

Remick and other contended that there were no "no H" pennies coined for circulation, and while I don't agree will state that the "no H" is very rare indeed and are few and far between. However in the NGC Census, there are listed only one "H" in MS65 and SIX "no H" ranging in grade from MS55 (AU) to MS66.

I believe this is most likely in error, and possibly the two populations have been transposed, or alternatively that those listed under "no H" are some or all meant to be listed under "H".

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That must be the "pro" version as when I use the citation you give, I am only able to access a single ONE PENNY of Jamaica with the "no H" & this was sold in January of the current year. I might have not phrased the question as well as I ought. The question is more properly about the coins in the NCG Census and not CoinArchives listings (although I would be grateful for any references that I may be able to confirm or not).

I was asking about those in the NGC census & simply had tried to ask if the numbers might be slightly jumbled, or reversed. The point being is that these two versions are often confused, and misattributed on many occasions as consignors list coins as simply 1882, and not "1882 H" as they ought to do. 

I have followed these coins for many years, and I had quoted one of the most renowned & published experts (Remick) in this area.

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