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Is it real? Alexander the Great Tetradrachm (large ancient silver coin)

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Hi, I have this tetradrachm struck in 311 in Babylon by Seleucus I (types of Alexander the Great). Is it real? It looks to have some file marks by the monogram and what looks like some smoothing/polished filemarks at the top of the coin on the edge. It weighs between 16 - 17 grams and is 26.5 mm in diameter. I definately thinks that it's silver and the details and surface looks pretty good, so maybe it's just traces of antique mounting, cause the filemarks on the monogram are very worn and old. Please help! Thanks

- Samuel :) (sorry for the bad pictures)20190125_073726.thumb.jpg.3fef3a927f558af0dd95f794a7c2ee87.jpg20190125_073852.thumb.jpg.812f7787c5bbe4a3ea20ba0252d39cfa.jpg20190125_073917.thumb.jpg.720a21b03bfa4f8d46556b0a40f193c6.jpg20190125_073942.thumb.jpg.2be62d26e9a681d118c2d7a214789522.jpg20190125_073927.thumb.jpg.76300814daf7c73b92e4da102334d40f.jpg20190125_073958.thumb.jpg.d9125256fe894ba84bb3fc7ce8b740a0.jpg20190125_074039.thumb.jpg.8dca91e264fe2d7387312bb59dafdfd0.jpg20190125_074129.thumb.jpg.92a603068eafc2b01f37390c50fc3ef3.jpg20190125_074105.thumb.jpg.bc35a846793205156394ab890b2f9673.jpg20190125_074034.thumb.jpg.45eccabda501abe7187a3d389dc168d4.jpg20190125_074136.thumb.jpg.2f7f6fb9bf7e72709b04a867c2cd5111.jpg


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Dear Samukai,

Thank you.  NGC cannot make any type of determination from photographs.  Our graders would need to see this piece in hand.

Thank you,


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