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coin preservation

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Hi dude's and dudetts! I know not to clean, wipe or do something that would effect the original mint luster and pin wheels placed by the mintage process. That said I had some penny's that were damaged pvc, green corrosion and ball bearing grease. I used care with the ones I knew could be saved and graded like the pvc infected, I dipped in acetone till of was removed and placed into holders. And careful use of vinigars is challenging for the green corroded distilled hot water. Hear is a surrendipity moment lost. One penny was a perfect coin except for the covering of petina thick brown 1942. It began to peel I noticed it a couple of days into soaking and revealed a perfect high mint luster penny. Research revealed there are environmental factors that will coat a coin from the environmental factors that coat a coin adverse from preservation. Anyone have imput? I see penny's that are preserved this was is there a solution. I think what happened was a combination heat got in between the penny and patina (clay like cover)  in combination with acetone on the outside that softened the thick patina. Like steam in between boiled eggs so it peaked by itself . I have not been able to duplictate the 1942 penny did not finish peeling and I ruined it with impatient s and vinegar. I have to live with that I'm sorry to all. But I saw a perfectly preserved MS70 PENNEY the half the field and half of Lincoln at one point...


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