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2018 S 50c Breast Cancer Error? Or Bad Luck?
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Hello NGC,

I know the 2018 S 50c coins & stamp sets are just now starting to come rolling into grading, and by how the mint is reacting, there may not be many coming in. I bought two, and one of the coins has a very obvious looping line from the bottom of the wing. Might this constitute a mint error? Or am I just unlucky and got a badly scratched coin from the mint? Or could it even be a hair which happened to land on the holder before the mint put in the coin?

Included are to photos of the coin in different contrasts.

Thank you for your thoughts.



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  • Administrator

Thank you for your post. Is the capsule still covering the coin, if so this could be a hair or scratch on the lid. We would need to see the coin in hand to determine if it is a mint error or as made during the mint process. When submitting the coin for grading please be sure to select the "Mint Error" checkbox. 

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Thank you Matt,

The holder is still on, well, it was at the time of the photograph. The line is definitely inside the holder on the coin. At an angle you can see it cast a shadow where it raises from the surface of the coin to the top of the R It looks as if it was a hair, except it is the same color as the coin. Maybe a hair fell off one of the people who works at the mint and landed on the coin before it was struck. But they would have to have silver white hair.

I have since sent the coins in to NGC for grading. They arrived on the 13th, yet they are not showing up in my account as having arrived. Is this a delay because I submitted one as a "Mint Error" or because they came with the stamps and the request of a coin and stamp set?


Thank you for any help.

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