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2018 S 50c Breast Cancer Error? or Bad Luck?

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Hi everyone and thanks for reading. I just got my 2018 S 50c breast cancer coin/stamp sets from the mint today. I noticed on the back of one of coins was a lot of extra "sludge" for the lack of a better word. I'm guessing this is something left over from making the coin so dcam. Or is it just a really bad scratch and bad luck for me? Is it possible the mint just put it inside a really bad holder and it looks like it is scratched?

You can see the mark fairly obviously at the bottom of the wing. The second pic is of another coin, with no mark. The last image is the coin with the mark on it under different lighting conditions.




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The pictures make it look like scratches or a foreign substance inside the holder. In hand, does it appear to be on the surface of the coin, or on the inner surface of the holder? I don't see a reflection, so it does not appear to be on the outside of the holder.

They do have a seven day return policy, so you have the option of sending it back and trying another one, although it will cost you shipping.

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Held at an extreme angle the line appears to go from the surface of the wing, down to the field then raise back up to the letters. In hand you can see the line around the edge, then it comes back up and sticks out over the E. There is a reflection on the field just above the R, which makes me think it may be something on top of the coin. It looks similar to when something is cast plastic and a fine hair of plastic clings to the mold then falls back on the item. 



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