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Okay, I'm sure there is an obvious fix to this...but in trying to upload a photo, my 1.3 MB shot (to the 'latest acquisition--World' thread) was reduced to 130kb.  I tried to drag the file to the box...and the initial preview looked better, but the edited post was the reduced size.  Uploading shows 1.3 MB getting uploaded too.

Next I tried linking to a hosted version of the photo, again, the preview looked good, but the edited post was fuzzy again.  

What am I doing wrong?  The overall photo size is well below the limits listed...and using the url link to the hosted photo seems like should not affect the visuals.  It's a jpeg file and 1920x960 dimensions (and ~1.3 MB).  I would love to post a higher quality photo.

(I'll try it again here too)




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  • Administrator

Thank you for reporting this issue to us. Would you please forward the file to me at dena@ngccoin.com?

I'd like to do some testing to determine why this is happening. My apologies for the inconvenience.

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  • Administrator
Images are resized when uploaded to the chat boards. We just increased the max image size requirements from 1250x1250 to 2000x2000If an image is taller than 2000 pixels OR wider than 2000 pixels, it will be resized so that neither height nor width exceeds 2000 pixels. The original image will then be discarded. 
There are a few important things to know:
  1. We create a thumbnail for large images so that images fit on the screen in the forum view (and less bandwidth is used). The thumbnail will typically be lower quality than the original image.
  2. When you click the thumbnail, the image opens in an overlay which is sized to match your browser/device. This is still not necessarily as big or high quality as the original image.
  3. If you click the image in the overlay, it'll open in a new tab which is sized to match your browser deviceThis is still not necessarily as big or high quality as the original image.
  4. If you click the image in the new tab, it'll zoom in to full size/clarity. This should be as big and high quality as the original image, unless the original image is bigger than the new max size we defined (2000x2000)

Thumbnails will be bigger if you upload the front and back as separate images. 

The reason for this is that our max thumbnail size is 900x900. So, if you upload a single image that's 1920x960, the thumbnail gets sized down to 900x450 to meet those requirements. If you uploaded two separate 960x960 images instead, you'll get two 900x900 thumbnails.
I hope this information helps. Please let me know if you need any further assistance.
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